1 Our hours of business are strictly 08:00 to 18:00 and our preferred method of contact is by email.

2. All work will be carried out at the time agreed with the client. We reserve the right to cancel the appointment in extreme circumstances, should it not be possible to attend. Wherever possible we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible by way of a phone call or email.

3. Your property will be attended by one cleaner each week, primarily it will be the same cleaner each week who attends however in the case of sickness we will endeavour to provide another cleaner for you.

4. In order to offer maximum value, we request that you present your property in a tidy and safe manner prior to our cleaner arriving in order that cleaning can be undertaken easily and with the minimum amount of disruption. Please inform us by phone or email to advise of any changes which have taken place at your property between our appointments so that we can take this into account. Likewise please let us know if your have visitors or pets etc. at your home so that we can work around this.

5. We request that clients give at least 24 hours by phone or email if we are not required to attend the premises at the agreed appointment time & date. Failure to do so may incur a charge to cover the cost of the cancelled appointment.

6. Cleaning will be carried out as per original client consultation. Equipment and other supplies will be provided by Home Clean Home unless otherwise stated.

7. Payment terms are as follows: within 24 hours of clean taking place by weekly standing order or bank transfer.

8. Any complaints about the service provided MUST be raised within 24 hours of clean taking place by phone and email. After this time complaints will only be investigated at the discretion of Home Clean Home.

9. Regrettably, in very rare instances there may be damage to property arising as a result of the cleaning process. Home Clean Home carry public liability insurance and our policy is as follows: Polished Insurance underwritten by AXA.

10. Should you wish to discontinue the service, please inform us by e-mail no less than 14 days before your next appointment.